Tomorrow never comes…

People often say I will do it tomorrow, next year I still have time – but what if tomorrow never comes…

A talk by Vuyisa Qabaka – ‘The Future: Its Not Hard to Imagine’ inspired this post, in order to become a successful entreprenuer infact successful in anything you do start with a passion.

Find this passion and success will follow, live your life with the focus that faliure is not an option make plans its not to late – START THIS PROCESS TODAY.

Do not be afraid to fail as this is part of lifes lessons and will hopefully make us stronger and open up opportunity for bigger better things.

Mr Qabeka gave some valuable tips for young entreprenuers very informative and funny too.

– Start Small, Start where you are, with what you have. – opportunity comes in all forms and sizes we just need to open our eyes and hands and grab it.

– Work well with others – there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire you need help no one person can know everything,  ask and you shall receive there is help out there and some may even be FREE.

– Have goals and work tirelessly towards them, focus on your own dreams, if you don’t have dreams you’ll end up working on someone else’s – SCARY THOUGHT

– Take care of work, money will take care of itself also create some sort of value in the service you provide this goes a long way in becoming successful.

“The Average Billionaire in SA is 61 years old” – Vuyisa Qabaka

But who wants to be average right so start TODAY in living the rest of your life like the King/Queen that you are.


“What you know TODAY is important, because you have exchanged a day in your life to do it” – unknown


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