One Night with…

So we are days away to the start of 7 International Acts gracing our shores from this weekend until next year June..

EVERYBODY KNOWS this guy he is a legend, IF YOU’RE OUT THERE thinking what am I talking about please OPEN YOUR EYES and read that opening statement again.

On Saturday the MAYBACH CURTAINS will be dropped and the GREEN LIGHT given for THE BEGINNING of one bumper festive season. Cape Town is going to make John Legend feel like he is COMING HOME just like we know how to welcome people.

If you do not have a ticket to the show DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING we are in the same boat I guess YOU & I we are just ORDINARY PEOPLE waiting till the SUN COME UP each morning, nope stop that thinking and WAKE UP EVERYBODY I say LETS GET LIFTED and start thinking of ways to get tickets.

Here is my plan: SOMEBODY out there bought tickets months ago when they were SO HIGH on love but things may have gone sour and guess who is going to be there to take REFUGE of this sad situation and turn it into a win-win for everyone. I’ll be like ahhhh WHO DID THIS TO YOU? I’ll STAY WITH YOU wait better yet lets not let those tickets go to waste why not SAVE ROOM for me IT DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE, EACH DAY GETS BETTER we can still make this a GOOD MORNING.

Forget about that guy that USED TO LOVE YOU, yes I know everybody WANNA BE LOVED and we are all MADE TO LOVE infact I LOVE, YOU LOVE and there is NO OTHER LOVE needed so LETS GET LIFTED AGAIN by the soothing sound of John Legend.

Ok that is one twisted plan I’m sure it won’t work but ALL OF ME believes that if I try THIS TIME it just might, if it doesn’t I can always try AGAIN or just listen to 90.4 SMILE FM as they are giving away tickets to all the biggest concerts to hit the Mother City..

Yeah might be easier option. Haha 😉


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