Book of knowledge

A saturday morning spent at a book sale in support  of the SPCA, all proceeds used to help our furry little best friends plus you get to build your own library -I think that is a good trade 😀

R60 a bag and fill as much as you can, I was expecting to fight for books but it was a timid affair. Just incase things got ugly though, I got this…


It was interesting to see all the booklovers unite some with lists of books they wanted in the hope of finding and adding them to a collection, yes I got the Robert Langon series I found The Lost Symbol, and I before you know it I will be schooling you on 101 facts you didn’t know about Shakespeare.

‘Some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.’ – Twelfth Night

Me nah I’m just trying to live life and am thankful that I survived the 2012 Apocalypse but if I become an Action Hero in the process, know that its because I got help from..


Yes technology has taken over with books becoming outdated and people constantly reminding us to move with the times but there is nothing more satisfying than turning the pages of a good book plus it doesn’t hurt your eyes, if I did not go to this book sale I wouldn’t have known…

‘What do you call somebody who arrives empty-handed at a bottle party? – Persona non Graca haha’

You might be thinking can this guy please stop with his crap where does he get all this unwanted knowledge from, well…


There is your answer 😀


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