Face Off

Only days to go till Cape Town gets there slice of the EFC pie Live at the GrandWest Arena the tension was pulpable as the athletes gave us a taste of what to expect at the open workout.

Peter Queally fighting out of Dublin Ireland, the first International signing to EFC Worldwide exchanged some words with Francois Kabulu making this fight even more exciting.

Queally: “Pedal to the mettle. Breaking my opponents. And big knockouts” – this is his response to what we can expect from him in the Hexagon.

Will Kabulu who fights out of Cape Town make the home crowd proud and shut the Irishman up?


Fighting for a shot at the Vacant Heavyweight Title belt this 5 round match looks like it will go the distance with both men showing us some intensity at the workouts.


Looking at Walravens he is a beast up close throwing his sparring partner to the ground with ease, I actually felt sorry for the guy but Groenewald is no slouch, a submission specialist looking to make Walravens Tap out.

The fight of the night, all about the EFC gold – it is Drotsche the current Light Heavyweight Champion…


…up against the contender Norman Wessels alot of talk has been going on around this match as it has been coming for a long time, so Cape Town expect to see some hardhitting, kicking action – There will be blood – 5 Rounds, talk is over all is set for an epic fight in the EFC Hexagon.

Will a new champ be crowned?


The crowd were thoroughly  entertained by most of the fighters on the maincard bouts and pre-lims giving their all in the mind games leading up to fight night, with T-shirts and Tickets being given away the security almost had their hands full or there would’ve been a FACE OFF in the crowd haha.

Cape Town we are in for a treat, weigh-ins next then it is all systems go for EFC35 – Bring  it on.


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