So guys it is that time again when we grow that Moustache in support of people affected by cancer.

In the spirit of 2014 I decided with friends that we will support by going Movemberless….they were totally shocked as I am like Chuck Norris born with a Moustache hahaha 27 years my upper lip was imprisoned like Madiba by the powerful effect of the Moustache 😀


So with the whole theme of Carpe Diem why not take the risk and live life, make big decisions as you only have one life to live, cancer is a killer and just shows how short life is.

With the different types of Cancer, it knows no gender, race or age make sure you get yourself checked by visiting the doctor and doing the home checks as early detection may help in your survival and beating this desease.

Ok without further ado let me do the big reveal…..


So I guess now I need to change my Passport, ID and Drivers License hahaha all in the name of a good cause.


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