Eye of the “White” Tiger


The countdown has begun, the Rocky themesong playing in my head it is one week to go when EFC returns to Cape Town and this time they going WORLDWIDE.

The fightcard looking action packed just look at those pictures, all fighters serious to bring on the beating and prove they have the potential to either win or be in the running for a title shot.

Drotschie vs Wessels scheduled for EFC30 was postponed due to an injury to the lower back of Drotschie…

On hearing the news of Drotschie’s injury, Wessels responded with the phrase “more time to prepare, to do
more damage,” which was released on Twitter.

I hope Wessels was serious when he said he was preparing, judging by the exchange of words we are in for a massive  Light Heavyweight Title fight…Cape Town might even see the title change hands.

“As soon as I’m healed, I’m ready,” replied Drotschie. “I’ve heard that he [Wessels] was saying that I’m ducking the fight. He better stay in shape. Our fight’s coming. I’m happy
to take him on, or anyone from FFM [Fight Fit Militia, Wessels’ fight team] while we’re at it.”

I tried getting info on the Heavyweight clash between Walravens and Groenewald but I’m guessing the silence is adding to the suspense as Heavyweight bouts are meant to be epic – Clash of the Titans lets see who comes out hand raised inside the hexagon come the 6th November.

The fight I’m most excited about is Sayed vs Hassan, at EFC 30 I saw Sayed fight and instantly knew that this guy was one to watch, Cape Town born fighter training in Singapore with UFC athletes -seeing that EFC just went Worldwide I hope the “White” Tiger gets his claws into Hassan and prove that he deserves a title shot against the Undefeated Bantamweight Champ – Demarte Pena.
http:// http://www.mmaweekly.com/irshaad-sayed-hopes-a-win-at-efc-35-will-be-enough-to-secure-a-title-shot

With Kabulu on a five fight winning streak he is penned against EFC’s first international signing the Irishman Queally, knowing the Irish they love to fight plus he would not want to disappoint by losing on debut – this should be an awesome fight for the Cape Town crowd.

De Lange vs Mukulu – both fighters from Cape Town who will have the most home support, according to Gordon “Rage” Roodman who fought both men, losing and drawing respectively, he reckons the fight will be won or lost on the ground. Mukulu having preference in the ground game De Lange has to keep him standing I guess. All will be revealed once the two meet in the Hexagon.
http:// http://www.efcworldwide.com/news/2014/October/efc_news_article_roodman_gives_insight.php

So thats it the MainCard bouts are set, now to get your tickets Cape Town….cos HERE COMES THE PAIN.


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