Hear our plea


This a letter from the Kensington/Factreton Ratepayers Association asking the people who live in the community to stand together and ask the question, Why have we not been consulted in the relocation of Danoon residents into our area?

Many residents are upset that there are many living in “unpopular” conditions why is the City Of Cape Town and Transnet who owns the land earmarked not offering the opportunity to us as ratepayers of the community first. With new people coming into our community, already riddled with gang violence and other social ills this will only add to an already dire situation – Should the City not work for its people and uplift communities, sitting in on the meeting I felt a sence of breakdown with emotions running wild as expected. The community cheering with words like “gatvol” “over my dead body” “human rubbish” being heard if the City continues in this manner people are bound to take the law into their own hands.

I feel a meeting needs to be organised whereby all parties concerned attend ie. Ken/Fac Ratepayers, City Of Cape and Transnet in order for us all to come to a mutual agreement like the motto of Kenmere Primary – “Knowledge is Power”


Politics, Race and Respect for the voice of another is concerning to me in an era where we should have moved past this, but it is understandable that in a heated topic such as this that these issues would be brought up, all we ask for is that the City respect our right to transparency of information and we be consulted in any developments concerning our community.

If push comes to shove sal ons march vir ons regte – we have a voice and we want to be heard.

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