Inner Peace

Mr Miyagi: “Ah. Only root
karate come from Miyagi.
Just like bonsai choose
own way grow because root
strong you choose own way
do karate same reason.

So I went to the Company Gardens yesterday for a different event when I stumbled upon this…the Cape Town Bonsai Festival, being the random person that I am I took out my book and pen and asked some questions…thats what normal people do right 😀

What is this Festival about? – showcasing the art form of training a Bonsai yip you heard right you train these trees to become the creation you see before you…


The owner is called an Artist this was something I did not know but if you look at the different creations you will realise this is an art form which takes delicate skill and time to perfect. On some of the trees they reflected the training age which could be 10 years but then the trees actual age could be like 60 years old…ok don’t qoute me on that I’m just trying to prove the point of time – speaking to one of the ‘artists’, she mentioned that this is a 4 dimensional artform just think about it you see the 3D image in front of you


…the 4th Dimension would be TIME as the tree is alive and constantly growing you need to prune it to perfection each time. This is also why these trees can go for as much as R15000 on auction if not more.

For more info on this artform and its history click on the link below because the above is probably all greek to you right….uh nope it actually from Japan get with it 😉


“Many people associate bonsai trees with inner peace, serenity and contentment, and while its true that most of the people who successfully rear bonsais have these qualities they are earned over time.” Unknown quotes


“As the twig is bent the tree
inclines.” Virgil

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