Doodle Alert


Red bull not only gives you wings but it also quenches your thirst on a blistering Cape Town day….but that is besides the point they actually brought us the best doodles from across the world how extreme is that 😀


A chilled Sunday looking at the doodles being inspired by this artform brought on by ‘bored students’, this shows you that anything you dream can become reality. Reading the inspiration behind some of the artists many of them are overwhelmed by the fact that doodling brought them to South Africa, Cape Town being abstract in its own way definitely enjoyed this experience.

From the Trojan horse, a fooseball table, origami crane, an egyptian pyramid to this….


Yip Brazil is in Africa these are all iconic symbols of each country being depicted but do not let this take away from the real work of art, which is the doodle.


For the gamers at heart you will recognise this character from…..uh i don’t know Doodle, i mean Google it hahaha 😉

Cape Town being the 2014 Design Capital of the world all art forms are being embraced and this is definitely one of the most exciting event I’ve seen thus far – Thank You

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