Boost your run

Cape Town is one beautiful place and what better way than to experience the scenery than to run.

This morning I did my first Park Run, organised by volunteers these runs take place across the world, I found out about it by accident as Adidas were one of the sponsers today so I’m not sure if I’m suppose to be writing this, the organiser’s could want it to be exclusive but hey if you find something awesome and healthy why not share it with everyone right 😀

A quick and easy registration process on the parkrun website and you ready to go, all you have yo do is print your barcode and lace up your running shoes for a 5km run around Greenpoint park, did I mention it is timed so every week you can track your performance and yes you will definitely get better 😉

With Adidas on board today you got to test their new shoes pity they never had my size…ahhh you know what they say about guys with big feet :-O….they run fast hau cmon guys get your minds out the gutters hahaha. There were also great prizes to be won and a grand prize of an entry to the 21km Two Oceans Marathon next year. If you had an extra boost from feeling the comfort of their new shoes you had an option of doing an extra mile for a R200 voucher…its obvious I didn’t do that because of my big feet right. To end things off everyone got a free smoothie and muffin how awesome is that :-D.

This is a great way to get active and meet like minded people at the same time and did I mention it is FREE….they say nothing in life is free so get on the bandwagon while the opportunity is here, just have to say that it is not this big every week, I’m guessing, but it is all in the name of fun and active energy.

Cape Town is the friendliest City after all and today proved it :-D.


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