20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

“Water is the source of life, no water, no life” – Wafiqah

Visited the Aquarium at the Waterfront after, I can’t even remember how many years…I felt like a little kid all over again and guess who I found…


“Water is the driving force of all nature” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Almost 70% of our planet consist of water there is a whole other world under the sea and I don’t mean Atlantis unless that is true hmmmm need to check facts. I liked the way the Aquarium  is set up as there are interactive sections where you get to touch a starfish and other sea creatures and get up close and personal with a pengiun.


If you arrive at a certain time you’ll get to see them feed the pengiuns and the sharks, get your diving license and you might even join them…I don’t know if I’ll do that though, I was getting seasick by just watching them behind the glass. You feel like you are submerged under the ocean, only that you can breath I guess I was that guy with the gills in WaterWorld – Kevin Costner :-D.


“This land, this water, this air, this planet – this is our legacy to our young” – Paul Tsongas

We need to preserve our ocean take care of our planet, stop dumping your waste as this kills the sealife, there are pictures of birds with plastic bags in their stomach – sad and disgusting at the same time.


It is a fun experience for the whole family, puppet shows for the kids in the Frog Cave and informative too as there are explanations of each fish you see.


….Did you know, about 20 million seahorse are caught every year  around the world for medicine or for sale as curios. Some people believe that eating dead seahorses will cure  ashma, skin problems and even baldness.

On my next visit I’m in search of Dory….


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