Home is Where the Heart is

Director Nadine Angel Cloete


‘City girl Merisha, spends Easter in Elim, the small village of her
Moravian ancestors. She wants to
put down roots and buy a plot. But will the locals let her in? Her story plays off against that of local church councilor Girshwin, who is looking to
move out. ELIM explores the notion of belonging.’

We all want to belong somewhere, some of us know where we want to be others still need to explore and find out where they belong, opsoek na ‘groener weivelde’ soos hulle in hierdie fliek sé.

If you are not familiar with the town Elim, from watching this documentary you will come to realise that this small village means alot to its people and that the residents would do anything to keep it as is, a place of peace and tranquillity.

The movie takes you through the Easter traditions and shows the values that are placed on the people of Elim, young and old, van ‘n gesang wat gesing word ommie tafel as hulle bid tot die mooi maak van die graftes vir die Sondag oggend diens op die akker. These things are past down from generation to generation and I’m sure it will not die out, maybe modernised abit yes, with a map of the different graves in the graveyard like Merisha says :-D….its mind boggling how our parents know each grave out of their heads, som van die  grafstene hettie eens name nie maar as jy vra sal hulle vir jou kan sè daar lè jou oupa grootjie van jou ma se kant.

The Director Nadine Angel Cloete is a descendant from the Khoisan…uh wait no sorry I meant to say she is also from Elim so it is only fitting that she be telling the story, the actors all amateur, some being infront of the camera for the first time, did an amazing job bringing this story to life, wiet nou nie of ons ‘n Oscar gaan sien nie but who knows ‘Elimers’ hou daarvan om mense ‘n ding of twee te wys.

The movie was part of the My Hoods Festival and was screened to a sold out audience at the beginning of this year….ek wietie wane Nadine vir ons gaan wys nie but it is a must see.

Due to not wanting to embarrass the first time actors I was informed that I cannot upload the video…just kidding ons negotiate nog met die producers

Watch This Space….


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