EFC Worldwide

Its that time again when the African continent is put on the map through the EFC, and what better way to celebrate the brand going WORLDWIDE than by giving the fans 2 title fights and a Heavyweight No.1 contender match.

The MainCard fights are in, we are only days away. Carnival City are you ready for some hard hitting action, the scene is set for some massive blows.

Wolf Pena: “I’ve been in there many times, you can’t buy title experience.” – 10-0, Will this record be broken as he is set to battle Groenewald, all will be revealed once they lock horns inside the Hexagon.

12 fights all on one night these athletes are ready to set Carnival City alight with blood,sweat and tears…we might even see the Lightweight, Mynhardt vs. Mdoko, or Bantamweight, Pena vs. Groenewald, title change hands, so lets pack the arena and add to the electric atmosphere. With the Elusive Heavyweight No. 1 contender spot, van Zyl vs. Mbuyi, on the line we might get to see a title fight at EFC35 in Cape Town my home town.

The WORLD will be watching lets show them that Africa has the prowess to contend against the best in the business, here comes the Wolf and  the Lion of Africa.


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