Heritage Day


24 September we celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa with so many different cultures, 11 official languages it is important to know where you come from.

You don’t stumble upon
your heritage. It’s there, just
waiting to be explored and
shared. – Robbie Robertson

This is a day of celebration, of people coming together learning, engaging with one another under the banner of  the Rainbow Nation that we are.

As you begin to realize that
every different type of
music, everybody’s
individual music, has its
own rhythm, life, language
and heritage, you realize
how life changes, and you
learn how to be more open
and adaptive to what is
around us. – Yo-Yo Ma

There are still many issues that need to be sorted out, every country has there problems like the recent decline of the Dalai lama’s Visa and the new open Mosque making headlines, shouldn’t we allow everybody to come as they are…but that is a touchy issue which I would not like to go into.

All major religious traditions
carry basically the same
message, that is love,
compassion and forgiveness
the important thing is they
should be part of our daily
lives. – Dalai Lama

Recently the days name has been changed to National Braai Day because we all know in South Africa it all comes together with a Castle and a ‘Choppie oppie kole’ – the phrase ‘Chop en Dop’ has become synonymous in the SA culture.

In my country of South
Africa, we struggled for
years against the evil system
of apartheid that divided
human beings, children of
the same God, by racial
classification and then
denied many of them
fundamental human rights – Desmond Tutu

We have come a long way since those dark days, lets not forget where we came from but lets move forward into a brighter future, light the fire and keep it burning.


Hope you all had a great National Braai Day / Heritage Day


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