Addicted to Live


For the first time LIVE in South Africa – The Fray on the Helios Tour, what an amazing performance the energy from the artists and the crowd was awesome they really kept us wanting more.

With the opening act keeping us in the loop yip you guessed it, Jeremy Loops , Cape Town loop
pedal artist skilled in guitar,
harmonica, beatbox…this guy is pretty amazing he took us Down South wearing some Skinny Blues. “You see I wrote this for you” – These were the words from the screaming fans being looped through the Grand Arena – loved it 😀

When The Fray hit the stage it was like a hurricane blew threw the Arena screaming fans needing their lives to be saved and ofcourse we all know The Fray know, How to save a life. Isaac Slade literally walked through golden circle right to the general standing fans, he took the song Hold My Hand to another level I bet alotta ladies were turned on by this haha, plus they have a song closer to me ofcourse the ladies would be screaming. I could hear this girls heartbeat when she saw him come closer 😀


What is a Live concert without an encore with The Fray it is like you can listen to them over and over and they still keep you wanting more.

Every artist that plays in South Aftica says that they would like to comeback I think it is because we appreciative and know how to give good energy and in Cape Town our Love Don’t Die.

Just look at this appreciation they got me writing this post at this Ungodly Hour 😀

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