Now everybody put your hands up and wave em around like you just don’t care, screaming HIP HOP we are here to HEAL THE HOOD.


The setting is the Iconic Lounge in Long Street an intimate venue great for the MC & 1 on 1 B-Boy BATTLES UK B-BOY CHAMPIONSHIPS QUALIFIER – except for the fact that you couldn’t get to the toilet during the B-Boy battles and half the time sien djy net bene in die lig en arms wat waai but if you got a good spot in the circle it was awesome.

The Top 16 B-boy line up:
D-Mon(Port Elizabeth)
Rhythm(Port Elizabeth)
Jed(Cape Town)
Toufeeq(Cape Town)
Shine(East London)
Silent Sam(Cape Town)
Kill Moovez(East London)
Smoke(East London)
Luigi(Cape Town)
The Curse(Cape Town)
Dag(East London)
Gift(Port Elizabeth)
Beanz(East London)

3 Rounds, Blue corner vs Red Corner – judges decision is final, Dj spin that beat let the madness begin….

From the 6 step to high flying acrobatting power moves the tension was papable as these top 16 gave their best to battle it out for a chance to represent SA in the UK, it was B-Boy Jed vs B-Boy The Curse in the  final. The Curse killed the Jedi to become Obi-Wan Kenobi and we hope this guy brings back the championship belt from the UK, Respect the talent and Represent the positive movement.

Next up we had the MC battles and this was not your typical 8 Mile Rap Battle people dissing each other nah…they were given a topic….

– If I was President
– 20 years of Democracy
– A woman’s worth
– Power and Corruption

…and 90 seconds to spit a verse, great topics and some interesting lines, powerful words from future gamechangers in the underground hip hop scene. This is where the greats are born and bred with the crowd choosing YMCMbesem aka HEMELBESEM as the out and out champ.

In its 14th year the Hip Hop Indaba has come a long way and has created a platform for breaking down the stereotypical mindset of Hip Hop being associated with gangsterism and drugs. Hip Hop is an expression of positivity and should be encouraged through programmes like this in order for the youth to have a voice of change, listening to the MC’s you could hear they put some thought into the words – actions speak louder than words though but what if they were our future president would we see a change…..with the word of MC Duck “Ek is nie die president nie, EK IS HIP HOP”



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