Blisters for Pilchards

R50 feeds 25 children, with the annual Blisters for Bread Big Walk around the Seapoint promenade attracting thousands of walkers choosing from either the 5km to the 10km route.

You can’t teach a hungry child, with this as the motto Lucky Star Pilchards put an exciting twist to this years walk with 3 challenges along the route awarding you with a band in exchange for prizes at the end of the walk.


First stop, 10 Sit Ups….ahhhh easy peasy 1, 2 skip a few 10 can I have my band please :-D….with a long queue people started getting on the floor to get in on the action if it wasn’t controlled we’d have had a long line of people doing sit ups in unison….ahhh team spirit was evident and I loved it ;-).

Challenge 2….piggy back someone and walk,crawl or run with them for 50 metres, seems easy doesn’t it uh nope not if you walked a whole 1 km before this lol but like Barney Stinson we say Challenge Accepted :-D.

Last and final challenge….get down and gimme 10 push-ups thats it this is a full body it work it,.right now go and enjoy the walk further :-D.

This my 4th Blisters For Bread collectively probably a hundred children were fed by the Penisula School Feeding Association from my entry fees, but whose counting right we all here to have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cape Town, while you at it why not take a picture of a Rhino in the urban jungle, yip animals do walk our streets people 😀


We are all winners with everyone getting a medal at the end and some Coca Cola to replenish the energy levels….if you completed all 3 challenges you get a prize at the Lucky Star Pilchards tent….fish is brain food and a can of Chilli Pilchards is O so Yummy ;-)….keen on trying out some of those recipes now I just need to find someone who can cook lol volunteers welcome.

Great fun was had by all, here’s to next year….lemme go soak these blister from my feet….uh nope not putting up any pictures of my leka feet sorry o_O.

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