Name Game

Should Matric Pupils names/results be discontinued from being published in the newspapers at the end of the year?

This the question on the lips of those in parliament as they discuss the subject and come to a conclusion, I agree that it makes no sense anymore as the focus has now been shifted to quantity rather than quality.

In some subjects, grade 12s only need 30 percent
to pass.

With this lowered pass rate and the dismal results in maths and science, with earlier reports of schools not offering maths and some teachers not competant enough to teach certain grades, is the discussion of publishing names in the newspaper really such a big issue?

Focus should be put on quality, produce quality teachers and allow all students access to these opportunities. The distinction between ‘model C’ and former disadvantaged schools should be eliminated, all families can not afford to send thier children to a top school. A suggestion could be to rotate teachers to different schools every 5 years in order for all schools to have access to a ‘Top Teacher’.

Parents should also take more interest in thier children and not put all the pressure on the teachers as they cannot be blamed for weak results if the learner is not encouraged to practise at home.

From a young age children should be encouraged to think for themselves, ask questions and not just take what is said to be correct.

Yes it is nice to see your name in the newspaper but the added pressure to achieve can have  devastating consequences, on the plus side it could be seen as a motivation tool for some learners, but as I said is quantity better than quality.

Schools are the foundation for the real world, and the real world is no fun and games unless you are educated as knowledge is power, not only book smarts though but street smart too.

In closing Stay Focused, Have a Goal and Reach for the Stars.

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