In The Beginning…

Genesis 1: vs1-5
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now
the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was
good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day,” and the
darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

Wednesday, August 13th 1727 saw the Holy Spirit move the people of Herrnhut beginning one of the greatest missionary movements in the Moravian history. The Moravian Church is built on strong foundations of rich history and dicipline, I am always suprised when I share the fact that I am Moravian and some people ask whats that. I feel it fitting seeing that it August and we are celebrating the day Graaf Von Zinzendorf started the Moravian Mission movement we look back and reflect at this history through a piece I found on Facebook…

Genadendal Mission Museum
It is the month of August and
instinctively the great spiritual
revival that took place on the
13th August 1727 in Herrnhut,
former headquarters of the Moravian Church in Germany,
came to my mind. Moravian historians refer to this spiritual
happening/ experience as the
“Pentecost of Herrnhut”. While
many will just be joining in the
religious ritual of 13th August
out of tradition, there is.however a deep spiritual story
attached to it. As a young lad,
I was deeply touched when the
older people would tell us
about this historical turning
point in the lives of the many
Church members of this town.
This led to my own commitment
to Christ when I was still in
primary school. Herrnhut and
the neighboring town of.Bertheldorf were always on my
mind and I regarded these
towns as my spiritual Heimat.
What happened in this town of
Herrnhut and in the Church of
Bertheldorf, almost 300 years
ago. It was when the Spirit of
God ascended on the congregation. Church members
dedicated their lives anew to
the Lord Jesus Christ and the
love of God filled their hearts.
The Moravian poet, James
Montgomery wrote:
“He found them in the house
of prayer, With one accord assembled, And so revealed His presence there, They wept for joy and trembled; One cup they drank, one bread they broke,
One baptism shared, one language spoke Forgiving and forgiven.” Soon after this awakening, a system of “Hourly Intercession” was introduced. The whole day was carefully mapped out, and each Brother and each Sister took his or her turn. It is said that this have lasted without interruption for more than a hundred years and the result: Missionaries sent out and the Gospel proclaimed in many remote parts around the globe – Genadendal included.
In 1996, I had an appointment
with members of the King
Boudewijn Foundation in Brussels, Belgium. After the.meeting I thought I would spend some days traveling.around in Europe. A strong desire came up in my heart to
go the ‘extra mile’, and visit
the place which was for so
many years in my thoughts and
dreams. The next moment I
found myself in the small
charming town of Herrnhut,
near Dresden. Knowing nobody
in the town, but well acquainted with the town’s history which I read through.the years and all the photographs that I had seen, I could find my way easily around the town and to the summit of a hill called the Hutberg where 287 years ago Moravian Brethren assembled to spend nights in prayer and
supplication, singing and
weeping before God for a
mighty revival…and then on
13th August while gathering in
the Bertheldorf Church a
mighty out-pouring of God’s
Holy Spirit was experienced by
young and old. Many testified
afterwards that they did not
know whether they were on
earth or taken up in heaven.
When I was standing on the
Hutberg and gazing over the
towns of Berthelsdorf and
Herrnhut – I could feel the
presence of the Lord; and on
the wings of time I flew back in
history, saw and heard with my
inward eye and ear how the
spirit-filled congregation were
rejoicing in the Lord who had
saved their souls – unforgettable and today it is marked in my memoirs as one of the highlights of my earthly pilgrimage. I believe God can
do it again in our hearts and in
the congregations if we are
willing to allow Him to do it.
“The LORD is the portion of my
inheritance and my cup; You
support my lot.The lines are
fallen unto me in pleasant
places; yea, I have a goodly
heritage” – Ps 16:5-6

Genadendal Mission Museum
It is most interesting to read
about the daily life in the
Moravian village of Herrnhut,
Germany during the early 18th
century. Many of these Church
customs are no longer
– If a man desired to settle in
Herrnhut, the one supreme
condition was that he earned
his bread by honest toil, and
lived a godly, righteous and
sober life.
– We do not work to live, we
live to work. They worked, on
average sixteen hours a day,
allowed only five hours for
sleep, and spent the remaining
three hours at meals and
– There were to be no dances
whatever, no wedding
breakfasts, no drinking parties,
no funeral feasts and no bride
at Herrnhut ever carried a
– They forbade ghost-stories,
condemned tales about omens,
death-birds, etc.
– At five in the morning they
met in the hall, and joined in a
chorus of praise. At the dinner
hour they met again, and then,
about nine o’clock, after
supper, they sang themselves
to rest.
– The Elders selected prayerfully
in advance a number of Bible
verses and put them all
together in a box; and then,
each evening, one of the Elders
put his hand into the box and
drew the text for the
following day. Since 1731 they
had the verses for the whole
year printed.
– They practiced the ceremony
of foot-washing, as described in
the Gospel of St John
– When a Church member
departed this life, the mourners
never spoke of the person as
dead, but “the believer is gone
– For difficult decisions and to
settle serious ecclesiastical
problems the they would seek
the face of the Lord in prayer
and afterwards the Lot was cast
– in many instances the Lot was
cast for a life’s partner
“Remember your leaders, those
who spoke to you the word of
God. Consider the outcome of
their way of life, and imitate
their faith.” –
Hebrews 13:7 (ESV)

It all started with a portrait of the suffering of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary ..with the inscription “I have done this for you; what have you done for me?” – We are active beings and should use our energy and talents for good.

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