Orkney Snorknie

South Africa was hit by 20 seconds of madness on Tuesday the earth shook and this time it was not from people “Toy Toying” in the street, nope it was an earthquake. Yes you heard right South Africa was hit by an earthquake.

“For South Africa, a 5.5
magnitude quake is quite big,
but it’s not uncommon,” said
Herman van Niekerk, a
structural geologist from the
University of Johannesburg.

People took to social media, status updates, tweets, instagram pictures galore, reports saying the tremors were felt as far as Botswana…all I felt was my stomach growling from hunger, it was lunchtime though.

The quake, one of South Africa’s
largest magnitude earthquakes in the past decade, was felt as far away as Mozambique and

With Cape Town being voted the friendliest city it would only be us to find this funny seeing that we never felt anything, I thought that the Joburgers were only feeling the Noon Gun effects now, but when I read further it was actually serious with people injured and one person who passed away.

ER24 spokesperson Luyanda
Majija said the body of a 31-year-old man was found in an old mining village in Orkney
following the quake. “He was
found lying under some debris,”
she said.

Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt, scientist are said to be monitoring the effects and state that we can expect possible after effects but they are not sure when.

She said more tremors,
aftershocks and possibly a
second quake of the same
magnitude were expected, but
could not say when.

With what happened we can firmly say that….

Orkney Snorknie.



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