Nou praat ons

Walking to church this morning I was hit by a great sight that brought a smile to my face. This is the park in 5th Avenue between 4th and 5th Street, Kensington.


I remember jogging at around De Havilland field thinking why don’t we have those exercise machines like in Sea Point, I even tweeted the Peoples Post about it.


I believe a Healthy Body equals a Healthy Mind and this is what we need in our society today, there are too many influences that affect our youth and alter there minds negatively gripping them in a life of violence, drugs and gangsterism. I commend projects like this as I feel it brings a type of positivity to the community, children should not live in fear, parks should be full of laughter and smiles of young people shouting and playing. I know times have changed with social networking taking us by storm but everybody still has that inner child in them I’m sure, I know I do.


The first thing I wanted to do when I saw this was to try it out, we should encourage children to play outside more often. Fresh air and blue skies does wonders for the body and soul.


I’d like to say welldone to whoever started this project, keep up the great work in uplifting our society we need more people like you.

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