Sporting Heroes

‘Sport in South Africa It’s the national religion. Transcending race and language group, sport unites the country – and not just the male half of it.’

The Commonwealth Games are being held in Glasgow at the moment and I had a thought, why is the SABC not broadcasting this event shouldn’t we as South Africans be proud of all our sporting heroes.

It is mostly Soccer, Rugby and Cricket that is being broadcast what about the other Athletes (Men and Woman) respresenting our country,being proud to be called South African and flying our Flag high – Swimming, Athletics, Judo, Table Tennis, Tennis, Golf even Ice Hockey to name but a few, we just had Richard Murray win South Africa’s first medal in the Triathalon in Glascow.

Did you know that we have a BMX champion or some pretty good surfers, skateboarding and even horseriding  are also sports in which we as South Africans are represented.

I think we should encourage all sporting codes and not just the popular ones in order for the Youth to see what is out there and this way get interested we might just spark future heroes wearing the green and gold.

Stop calling our teams “a bunch of losers” but encourage them to be a bunch of WINNERS, I don’t like seeing or reading that there is not enough money for a certain sport when in other code athletes are getting paid exorbitant salaries makes no sense.

I am proud to be called South African but sometimes the system boggles my mind – 20 year democracy lets start making a difference and seeing change.

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