The Plot Thickens

sleuth /sluːθ/
a detective.
carry out a search or
investigation in the manner of a

Driving towards the Playhouse Theatre in Somerset West, being invited to the final dress rehearsal of Sleuth directed by Bettina Horvath and written by Anthony Shaffer, to be honest I did not know what to expect.


Like the saying goes ‘expect the unexpected’, this is definitely true for this play, (if like me you have not watched the movie), as the audience is taken on a wild ride of twists and turns all well put together by an amazing cast of David Ballard and Christoan Smit both taking their roles to another level.

A gripping thriller taking you through the mind of two different personalities if not similiar, in the end it is all a game of  Love vs Money.

A great storyline well directed and well acted with witty dialogue and some good humour, this will really make for an awesome night out. A word of advice please bring your thinking caps, my eyes were all over the place looking for the objects after the clues were given out in Act 2….don’t know what I am talking about, well even more reason to get your ticket at Computicket and….

…Let the games begin.

Game, Set and Match…I think.

3 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens

    1. shaunjengel Post author

      Was my pleasure and thank you again for the invite, amatuer theatre u say well didn’t seem to me that way I enjoyed it very much – Welldone and I know you will get more positive reviews

  1. Clarinda

    had tix for that rajat kapoor show here but couldnt make it so passed them on 😦 oh well next til.itemleng them the truth – bit harder work at times but easier in the long run and totally worth it.


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