Humble Pie

King James Bible
Then he took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed them, and brake, and gave to the disciples to set before the multitude – Luke 9:16

With today marking the 96th Birthday of The Late Madiba, he left us with a legacy of change – wanting peace and for people from all walks of life to come together, all we needed to do was give back 67 minutes of our time. – PAY IT FORWARD.

I proposed that we make a care package for the less fortunate under the banner of the Maitland Moravian Youth, we gathered at the church and together as a team made sandwiches, one loaf of bread became 3 loaves as the Lord blessed our good deed. It does not matter how small of a difference you make every little counts.

Matthew 18:20 New
International Version (NIV)
For where two or three
gather in my name, there
am I with them”

We contributed tin food, toiletries, sandwiches and fruit and set off to the Haven Night Shelter in Kensington to drop off our package – they were all to welcome as they need every bit that they can get in order to provide some sort of safe space for those left homeless.

It was a humbling experience as we got a tour of the shelter and got to see first hand how they operate, a quick but awe inspiring experience. I noticed that it is not about the package but about the happy faces you see when they see new faces all they want is for someone to talk to them and share their experiences, I got into a conversation with one of the men at the shelter and felt like we would’ve talked for ages as he gave me a brief description of his life.

If we can contribute in this way not only on the 18th July but everyday something small, a smile or a hello, how are you? These words can go a long way in building a better future for all, we all have a comfort zone and once we step out of this GREAT things are bound to happen.

I thank each and everyone who contributed, time and effort in making this day happen I feel blessed and I know that we blessed a couple of people today.

Lets not stop here – The sky is the limit touching lives one small step at a time.


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