Each one Teach one

Today I got the opportunity to attend a Moravian Youth Summit of District 2 in Maitland, it was pleasing to see so many youth involved in their different communities, although there are many challenges faced on a daily basis they showed positivity in moving forward.

The focus of today was to elect a committee to take the District forward with the positive Youth work and also discuss issues and provide solutions to these challenges. We also focused on leadership as a key component to any organisation, as the youth – Future Leaders of Tommorow – what better way to start this journey than today.

There are 5 characteristics a leader should have that came out of the talk which I found interesting and will take this with me in word and deed.

Servant Leadership – do not be afraid to do the hard labour, do not just be a dictator.
Transformational Leadership – Keep with the times embrace change as sometimes this is needed for growth as to not become stagnant.
Ethical Leadership – Stay true to who you are, know yourself and lead by example.
Visionary Leadership – Have a vision but do not force this on people however through your actions your followers should see your vision.
Inspirational Leadership – Be an inspiration to all, focus on positive energy.

Another inspirational message that came forth to our future leaders was to become effective thinkers, think before you act.

These are 10 points by Nancy Kline in her book Time to Think:

1. Attention – listening with
respect, interest and fascination.
2. Incisive questions – removing assumptions that limit ideas.
3. Equality – Treating others as thinking peers.
4. Appreciation – practising a
five‐to‐one ratio of appreciation
to criticism.
5. Ease – offering freedom from rush or urgency.
6. Encouragement – moving
beyond competition.
7. Feelings – allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking.
8. Information – providing a
full and accurate picture of reality.
9. Place –creating a
physical environment that says ‘you matter.’
10. Diversity – adding quality because of the differences
between us.

With the above being said this was an inspiring experience by all and a positive message to the Youth to continue what we are doing – ‘Lead Young People Through Christ’.

I wish the committee chosen well on there future endeavours and looking forward to meet in the future, I am sure that what was said today will be taken in and a vision was created to take District 2 to greater heights.

“It always seems impossible until its done” – Nelson Mandela


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