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This will be the 3rd time ARGENTINA and GERMANY meet in the WorldCup final. Germany won in 1990. Argentina won in 1986.

Germany are ranked 2nd & Argentina are ranked 5th in the current FIFA rankings.

Germany are appearing in their 8th FIFA WorldCup Final, their first in South America.

Argentina are appearing in their 5th FIFA WorldCup Final after appearances in 1930, 1978, 1986 and 1990.

The above are the stats to the build up to a final full of stars and including Messi the World Player of the year still to win a World Cup medal. The Germans looked unstoppable in the lead up to this game and were firm favourites to lift the trophy.

“We will play the most important match of our lives for our country.” – Leo Messi.


The Argentine semi-final starting XI has won a combined 4 Champions League titles, 11 La Ligas, 4 Bundesligas, 3 Premier Leagues & 1 FA Cup

The German semi-final starting XI has won a combined 7 Champions League titles, 28 Bundesligas, 2 La Ligas & 2 FA Cups

It was a star studded affair each team having players who played on the big stage, there was no lack of big match temperament.

The first half saw both teams with chances, Higuain coming closest with an error from the German defence gifting him a sitter which he missed, this was a decisive miss in the end.

It was the offside rule that got both teams as Argentina had the ball in the net only for it to be ruled offside, whereas the Germans hit the post also to be called offside.

You could cut the tension with a knife as the second half was ticking down closer to 30 minutes of extra time or the potential of penalties to decide a winner.

At the END OF 90 MINS: GERMANY  0-0 ARGENTINA, Both sides had their chances but neither can find a goal.

It took 113 minutes of tense football for the Germans to break the deadlock through a Mario Gotze’s volley, this proved to be the decider and clinched the WorldCup for Germany.

“Messi is outstanding but Germany have got a more complete attack.” – Jens Lehmann.

The Germans become the first European team to win a WorldCup in South America – They are well deserved Champions, I think we all will agree.


Deutschland über alles

World Cup Champions: 2014


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