Once again we go LIVE across Africa to witness the Worlds Fastest GROWING Sport – from a SOLD OUT Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg…


….this is EFC31


With 12 fights, if you cant watch it live what better way to catch the action than at Ster Kinekor broadcasting it all on a big screen its like they say, it always better on the big screen.

With the maincard bouts the most anticipated we have Buirski vs Doyle in fight number 1.


3 Rounds, 5 minutes each this fight went the distance with Doyle dominating most of the 3 round bout. Both men sussing each other out in round one with Buirski doing to much running I think, he looked good in round 2 with a nice submission move but Doyle got out.

With Doyle sporting a nice new Shiner and almost getting a knockout punch with 30 seconds left in round 3 he won the fight by unanimous decision from the referee’s staying true to his nickname ‘The Dominator’.

The next fight was a tough one to call between Hawkey and Botha.


Hawkey looked menacing on the floor once he got ontop of Botha, he also tried to catch Botha in a triangle submission hold in round 1.

With Botha’s wrestling background he kept gowing for the takedown and kept the fight on the floor, with a nasty clash of the heads in round 2 we saw the blood flow from Hawkey’s eyes.

Im sure the commentator understood what Hawkey said at the start of round 3 -“my fucking eye is burning” hahaha a real bloodsport this is and with all that blood, sweat and no tears the fight ended 3 rounds.

The wrestler Botha vs The Boxer Hawkey with ‘The Young Assassin’ Hawkey taking the win from another unanimous decision from the referee’s.

Next we had a heavyweight bout between Van Zyl vs Moyo


With former heavyweight Champ Van Zyl looking to get back into contention he was up against Moyo trying to prove a point after his disappointing loss at EFC30

This fight looked like a barfight with Moyo ‘The Bomber’ bringing out his taxidriver brawling but once again when on the floor he is weak, Van Zyl with only ‘One Gear’ and that is winning got Moyo in an armbar submission in the first round to win the match with a Tapout from Moyo.

Is Van Zyl next in line for a heavyweight title shot? We will have to watch this space.

Fight number 4 arguably the best fight of the night between Maputha and Van Heerden


In an all out 3 Round stand up fight, No takedowns it was the nasty left jabs and kicks to the body from Maputha that made Van Heerden ‘The Pitbull’ feel like he was hit by a ‘Truck’.

Maputha was shocked how Van Heerden was standing after the fight he took a real beating and a bloody nose, wow he is a real tough competitor.

In round 3 taking his coaches advice Maputha’s combinations finished off the fight and in the end he won by unanimous decision from the referee’s but massive respect to Van Heerden for sticking out the full 3 Rounds.

The fight on everyone’s lips Zuluboy vs Pena


This was the Bantamweight Title fight, history could be made with Pena looking to become the first Champ in 2 weightclass ie. The Featherweight and Bantamweight.

They say a fight is won even before it begins, it is all in the mind and Pena and his team definitely had the mindgames aspect under wraps with a tight gameplan in hand, he had the upperhand in this fight.

The fight going through all 5 rounds with Pena dominating by keeping Zuluboy from his usual standing game and taking him down every chance he got. Pena’s groundwork was just to much for Zuluboy who left it a little to late in Round 5 needing a knockout or submission to win.

With Pena frustrating Zuluboy by running down the clock in round 5 he almost got a nice hit towards the end but it was not to be and a new champ was crowned

Demarte ‘The Wolf’ Pena – New EFC Bantamweight Champion.


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