Crunch Time


Chile had an amazing group stage as the underdogs to get through the group. With Brazil finishing top of their Group and joint top goal scorer Neymar holding the nations hopes on his shoulders it looked to be an exciting match.

The fans went crazy when David Luiz put the ball into the net from a Neymar cross in the first half.

Chile not sitting back and scored a goal of their own from Sanchez in the first half, it ended 1-1.

The second half saw no goals in a tight contest no one giving way as this was an all or nothing encounter, you lose you go home.

The game went into 30 minutes extra time, this is where the coach’s have to watch their players closely and tactics come into play with the dreaded penalty shootout looming.

Brazil looked more likely to score in extra time but it was not to be with Chile coming close in the dying seconds of the game, Pinilla’s shot hitting the crossbar, this would’ve broken many hearts.

Penalty shootouts it is after 120 minutes of intensity it all comes down to the goalkeepers who will it be to save the day, Bravo vs Cesar.

It was Cesar who came out tops saving 2 penalty shots, it was close as Chile were 2-1 down to make it 2-2 and leaving it to the last shot to lose the game with an unlucky shot from Yara hitting the post and missing.

So it is Brazil into the quarter finals, even Neymars hair felt the pressure though luckily it was only his hair that fell flat.

BRAZIL 3-2 CHILE (PENALTIES) -BRAZIL move on to the quarter-finals after beating CHILE on penalties.

Man of the Match BRAZIL vs CHILE: Julio Cesar.

With Suarez out, Columbia had the chance to upset the Uruguayans and that is exactly what thay did by thumping them 2-0

James Rodriguez scoring a brace with his first goal definitely on my list of Top 10 goals of the tournament. Great control off the chest and a perfect volley into the corner his 4th goal in 4 matches. His second goal making him top goal scorer at the tournament so far, Muller and Neymar behind him on 4 goals a piece. They are all still in the World Cup, should be interesting to see who takes the Golden Boot this year.

The man of the match for me besides Rodriguez was the Columbian goalkeeper, keeping a cleansheet and making some fantastic saves a real match saving performance.

With Uruguay out Suarez has alot to munch on…..

One quarterfinal matchup is set: BRAZIL vs COLUMBIA, Neymar vs Rodriguez.  July 4th, its going to be a cracker.

The knockout stages are really crunchtime I’m loving the beautiful game.


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