There is only One Direction

Let me tell you a little STORY OF MY LIFE….

It was a December holiday when I met DIANA, damn this girl got me UP ALL NIGHT, what a SUMMER LOVE that was.

From the moment I met her I knew we were onto SOMETHING GREAT…seeing her in that LITTLE BLACK DRESS, the things going through my mind was “I WISH, no I WANT to KISS YOU”. Little did I know that by the end of the night I WOULD and that it would be our LAST FIRST KISS.

I walked over to her THROUGH THE DARK telling myself be STRONG, DON’T FORGET WHERE YOU BELONG but ONE WAY OR ANOTHER this girl has to be mine RIGHT NOW.

She was TAKEN by my charm, I told her baby if I wrote a dictionary I’d put YOU & I  together, she replied with ahhhh please don’t TELL ME A LIE. I asked her darling WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL shhhh don’t answer I have something BETTER THAN WORDS, I kissed her and I know in her mind it was like THE BEST SONG ever. 

Ahhh those are the MOMENTS we live for, if there is ONE THING I learnt from this experience it is to LIVE WHILE WE YOUNG, don’t fret over the LITTLE THINGS, STAND UP for yourself because no one else is going to come BACK FOR YOU than yourself.

Its GOTTA BE YOU and only you that can make this story end HAPPILY, MORE THAN THIS I cannot say.

If I could do this all OVER AGAIN I would just go back to sleep as this was all just…….



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