Oscar Trial and Error

It is almost 2 years since that tragic Valentines Day ‘accident’ and no there was no baby in the mix get your mind out the gutters, I’m talking about the Oscar Trial….yeah I know it has been going on too long right.

I feel sorry for the family of Reeva Steenkamp having to sit through the court proceedings listening to all accounts of what happened that night when only Oscar knows but apparently he is mad…


Gerrie Nel and Barry Roux have become household names, this case will probably be used in future law lectures ahhhh im glad Im not a lawyer imagine sitting through that lecture WHAT???? This case is on like day 39 not even Survivor is that long man.

This is like an episode of Days of our lives or better yet 7de Laan but just the twists are not that predictable though, come on you had to see that coming didn’t ‘I put it to you’ that Neville was coming back from the ‘dead’.

This case made me realise I never want to end up in court one day imagine having to remember what happened a year ago, I still don’t know what I did last summer let alone last night I would probably also need acting lessons for something like this….but one thing is for certain they are really going in depth to find the truth  taking the saying ‘innocent until proven guilty’ to the  next level.

At one point it was said that these lawyers get paid by the minute yoh another reason I do not want to end up in court, that is drinking money oops now you know why I don’t remember what happened last summer.

Sometimes we idolise sports people to much and forget to realise that they are also human just look at Armstrong shocking the world in the doping scandal after winning all those Tour de France and now look at this, Oscar was a hero on the athletics field, the first double amputee to compete in the able bodied Olympics for something this tragic to happen.

To me yes this is a high profile case but we do not need to know all the details take into consideration the people involved, all we need to know is, is he guilty or not case closed thank you very much we can move on with our lives now.

But Noooo the door needs to be analysed in public an interpreter needs to be brought in who doesn’t even understand himself, ballistics reports, re-enacments need to be done, apparently it was a full moon on that night so we have to wait for another full moon to get the exact lighting no ways man at the rate this is going gaan ek ok mal speel.

My lady can we please get an answer soon as Dewani is also waiting to be heard…



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