King of ‘Koesister’ Hill

Yesterday was Mothers Day and also the annual Jive Slave Route Challenge taking you through the beautiful historic landmarks Cape Town has to offer….and what a challenge it was πŸ˜€


From a half marathon, 10km Run, 5km fun run/walk to a 10km Big Walk all meandering through the streets of Cape Town, if you thought Cape Town streets were straight think again this race will make you realise Hills are a killer especially the dreaded ‘Koesister Hill’…but well worth it.

Use the hills to get
Mehmet Murat ildan

I opted for the 10km Run my third attempt and loved each and every experience as you meet new people each time.


Running through the Castle of GoodHope, stopping as we have to file like slaves through the dungeons…I hear someone say “In this race they will probably break the record for the slowest first km” hahaha πŸ˜€

Another highlight was when I tried motivating another runner by telling him only one more hill but the expression on his face was classic when we turned the corner and saw what a hill that was, but we made it πŸ˜€

You may pray to God to remove the hills on your way and fill
every pothole on your path; but don’t be surprised if God
gives you a shovel to do so!
Israelmore Ayivor

Running takes you places you never imagined you get to breath in the fresh morning air, watch the sun rise as your blood is pumping with adrenaline and excitement from feeding off the positive energy of the people around you, motivating you to push yourself harder and further testing your limit.


“It is not the mountain we
conquer but ourselves.”
-Sir Edmund Hillary

Oscar from Joe Barber even came to cheer us on, ya ek sien vir jou maar waar David dan o ya en se vir Washeela die Koesisters daar innie Bo Kaap was leka πŸ˜€

There are many sites you will see during this race so to fully appreciate it I would probably recommend doing the 10km Big Walk with the family, take the kids and show them there roots. You will even get to shake it to the sounds of the Klopse in the Company Gardens, they gave me that extra motivation to run faster, loved it πŸ˜€


That quotation about not having time to stand and stare has never applied to me. I seem to have spent a good part of
my life – probably too much – in just standing and staring and I was at it again this morning.
James Herriot

Thank you to all the staff who made this race possible this was my 3rd time and will definitely be back maybe even try the Half Marathon who knows… all the runners we made it we can call ourselves…

Kings and Queens of ‘Koesister’ Hill πŸ˜€

“It’s easier to go down a hill than
up it but the view is much better at
the top.”
-Henry Ward Beecher


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