Forever young


O what a Night late December back in 69….Ok I might not be that old but I do remember the 8 May 2014, the day I got the opportunity to pay tribute to those iconic music legends who will through there music be FOREVER YOUNG.

With Ozzy Osbourne as your host you know you going to have a ROCKING mad time :-D.

Ariba Ariba alale lamba shaking in our boots as Richie Valens delivers this crazy song ofcourse with my “so called” mexican blood (not true think its the moustache haha) I had to sing along especially when the Ariba part came in 😀

Louis Armstrong seeing blue skies and nope not the first man on the moons brother…ahhhh this is one that everyone knows, young or old your parents must have this LP.

New York New York yip what is a tribute show without Mr Frank Sinatra jazz legend himself.

The King of Pop and Rock and no not Micheal I’m talking about Mr blue suede shoes himself Elvis “Rock and Roll” Presley wowed us with his funky outfit.

The lights dimmed and then on it came with all the glits and glam whom do we see, It’s that iconic white  dress ahhh you guessed it diamonds are a girls best friend and if I lived in that era I’d buy Marylin Monroe all the diamonds her heart desires ;-).

Mariam Makeba and Brenda Fassie both made an appearance this got the crowd beating there feet to the quasa quasa Ma Brrrrrrr in da house – doing it for South Africa.

Ahhh ahhh ahhh with shows like these through real music, legends will STAY ALIVE topping the charts is the Bee Gees ahhh ahhh ahhh staying alive.

James Brown almost broke his knees giving us one of his best performances and yes this is a mans world but it would be nothing,nothing without a women or a girl because they are simply irresistible and I’m addicted to love, Baby come on let me light you your fire and lets Imagine just like John Lennon 😀

Even the diva herself made an appearance Whitney Housten bringing with her Amy Winehouse who didn’t want to go to rehab.

The show must go on yes you are right Freddy Mercury….

…and what a show it was, all the legends were portrayed to perfection, the band was on point. Loved the guitar and saxaphone solo’s, live shows are the best and The Barnyard Theatre is the perfect setting for such an amazing show.

Welldone to the cast and band Thank You Next48Hours for allowing me the chance to be part of this and stay



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