For the ladies……and guys

I am no fashion foondy, I walk into a clothing store and I’m like what am I doing here. I do not even know my pants size how bad is that, but in my defence I do not really follow trends I will wear anything that I feel comfortable in, thats the important part right?

For people like me there is help in the form of a well organised team going around shopping for you, there motto YOU ASK, WE SHOP.


Unfortunately from what I have seen they mostly cater for the fairer sex or maybe I have never ASKED.

This post is actually to introduce you to an up and coming young designer who recently joined the Ask Me To Shop team in an exciting new adventure showcasing South African Talent/Fashion.

This beautiful young lady born and bred in Cape Town is a fashionista at heart, her passion for clothing coming from our Ouma, even the name of her brand is inspired by our grandfather. She is humble and a family person wanting to keep that memory alive she creates simple yet stylish clothing with unique detail making every piece special to YOU the customer. For more information on the background of Monique Hess follow the following link:

As I mentioned before the Ask Me To Shop team approached her to be part of there team allowing her to showcase her brand….DANNI, they recently revamped there website and launched her new autumn range of clothing. Below you will find some of the pieces on offer which you can order directly off there website or by email.


With summer over and the cooling weather that is brought on by autumn you get the best of both worlds boots and short dresses, im sure you ladies will love this…I on the other hand wouldn’t mind giving her a lift she is hitchhicking right 😀


For the cooler nights to come get one of these jackets not too bulky and looking pretty comfortable on these two beautiful ladies.


You will notice the simple design with a touch class in every piece showcased, as mentioned by Monique she wants the customer to feel special.


Denim is always a winner and ofcourse what is an outfit withou a bag to go with it, I know you ladies cant leave home without whatever it is you throw inside there ;-).


Finally something for the guys but thats not my size maybe those cool shades might fit me hahaha.


Wearing DANNI will put a smile on every girls face…


…wait am I seeing double yip I definitely need those a Shades.

Im sure after reading this you have found something you like I advise that you go out and order right now, all items are affordable as you know once these up and coming designers go big the prices rise too…

..Just ASK and they will SHOP

Pre order at


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