Jungula what you must..

Ahoo hooo AHOOO..this is the sound of the jungle calling its beautiful people of the world to a 3 day musical adventure.


You will be taken on a mad journey through space and time with grand master SADHU SENSI as your teacher daniel son.

The drumming of each beat heightening your senses as you feel your heart racing, this ain’t no monologue but more of a DANALOG and to unlock your potential you will need a STEREALKEY.

Grab a bottle and fill it up with revitalizing water you will need it in the intense heat of the jungle….we’ll call this LIQUID VIKING, as only true warriors appreciate the true essence of water.

Do not judge a book by its cover as you putting yourself at risk of becoming a STEREOTYPE, grab someone and have a conversation with them before you make rash decisions…how about a crazy conversation about yoga, to chatting science, taxes and life with a mad scientist hahaha you know who you are.


If you do get hungry from all the stomping there are a variety of food options available I’m not sure if you’ll find a Lemmington but I know for sure you’ll see LARINGTON LIVE on stage.

Driving early the Saturday morning from Cape Town it looked like a Storm was brewing…I guess it was STORMAN getting ready to drop some mad beats.


ILIUCHINA’s set was amazing wow, loved every minute of it this lady pumped the crowd into another dimension some people thought they were SPACE BYRD’s, there was even a bunny in the crowd called Loula …..the music is their POIZON.


With all the DJ’s during the 3 days of epic madness, if you wanted all this music to relive the moment you would need more than a TERRORBYTE of space.

The sunrise sets are always the best, on the sunday morning it was ARCHAIN turning our world UP-PSY-DOWN as the sun rose over the jungle causing our minds to SHIFT to a new reality.

This ain’t no hip hop party so leave your disco inferno at home and come and stomp it out with DISCO VOLANTE and DJ MARK.

I’m still recovering, normally it takes a while from the lack of ZEZIA (Sleep) we get. When I got home all I wanted to do was plonk on my bed and hear that sound CHABUNK as a dead tired body falls to floor.

The heat was intense during the day hope no one suffered from any BERNZ…but the dam and sprinklers were a blessing right.

Outdoor party vibes Jungala what you must just don’t shoot any BLANX hahahaha.

Keep it clean and spread the love and positive energy like a COMMERCIAL HIPPIE or just go crazy imagining you are on an episode of Dragonball Z attending a GOKON RAVE.

The drive home felt like we were going back to reality ahhhh what a SAD PARADISE…but then I just think back to TUNE RAIDER’s set and smile damn she one crazy lady jumping to every beat love it.

At one point my body was moving on its own like I was a BIONIC man stomping infront of the stage kicking up DUST or maybe it was just the smoke machines.

The Sunday night into the Monday morning, the best place to be was in the middle of the floor feeling the KILLAWATT’s vibrate through your body keeping you warm from the SUB-ZERO temperatures…damn my hands were freezing brrrrr.

I’m getting a heartache writing this or wait lets call it a SWITCHCACHE, that feeling of longing to be at a place where you can switch off and forget about reality going into a DELIRIANT state of mind.

Seeing BRUCE walking around like one of the masses but just a few hours ago the guy took us into a Cerebro CORTEX of psy beats at over a 100 beats per minute or second, my mind could not function with all that STATIC FLOW..guess I needed a STEREO PLUG.

I’m moving into a missile SILO if you do not find this post HUMEROUS …see you in VERTIGO

Loved every minute spending time with awesome friends memories made, mad conversations, bonds and all of the positive energy vibrating through every beautiful soul met this weekend – Thank You.


14:00 Sadhu Sensi
15:30 Danalog
17:00 Sterealkey
18:30 Liquid Viking
19:30 Stereotype
21:00 Larrrington Live
22:30 Storman
00:00 ILIUCHINA (Israel)
02:00 SPACE BYRD (Portugal)
03:30 POIZON (Portugal)
04:30 Terrorbyte
06:00 Archain
07:30 Up-Psy-Down
09:00 Shift
10:30 Disco Volante
11:30 Dj Mark
13:00 Zezia
14:30 Chabunk
15:30 Bernz
17:00 BLANX (Israel)
18:00 Commercial Hippies
19:00 Gokon Rave
20:30 Sad Paradise
21:30 Tune Raider
23:00 Bionic
00:30 DUST (Italy)
02:00 Killawatt
03:30 SUB-ZERO (Portugal)
05:00 SwiTcHcaChe
06:30 Deliriant
08:00 Bruce
09:30 CORTEX (Israel)
11:00 Static Flow
12:30 STEREO PLUG (Brazil)
14:00 SiLO vs Humerous
15:30 VERTIGO (Mexico)
17:00 CLOSE

PS: I was not really on survivor.

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