American Muscle

High reving turbo charged V8 engines, shiny red, black, blue and even green bodies this is the scene at the 50th Celebration of American Muscle…I’m no petrol head but
I’m sure you guessed it, yip it’s the Ford Mustang the real workhorse.


From 1964 to 2014 and counting this car has come along nicely from staring in many a car freaks wet dreams to even real movies…remember her..


Whoooosh Gone in 60 seconds baby – What a beauty hmmm…and even in the Fast and Furious Series.

Walking into the Castle of Goodhope the venue for this auspicious event you feel nothing but awe for the astonishing condition these mean machines are in I may not not be a petrol head but I do love a good body I did not know where to look ahhhhh…


Just look at that Shiny black stallion.


I don’t know whats going on here all I know is that is a pretty mean looking engine right.


Damn girl cover that ass there are children around hahahaha.


Yes my mouth was open too, just staring thinking wow I need to be in one of these cars and nope not cruising these beasts are meant for speed no driving miss daisy…wait maybe in one of these yes…


…ahhh the sunday cruise over Chapmans Peak with the wind blowing through your hair…imagination running wild like a Mustang – Live the dream :-D.

Overall it was an amazing experience sharing in the 50 years of the Ford Mustang, great venue, awesome people and good music…we did not want to leave everytime a new song played from Kings of Leon to Nickleback.


Did I mention the sound of these mean machines could lift any dress of any girl, so girls hope you are wearing panties vroom vroom 😉 hahaha.


A view from the top….


..To much awesomeness in one picture right.


Just look at those ladies showing off come on now can’t you see I’m drooling :-P.

Thank you to the people involved in allowing us to share in your celebration – Happy Birthday Ford Mustang.


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