Taste of Cape town


With Table Mountain and The Cape Town Stadium as your backdrop…and a beautiful sunset in the horizon. What better way to enjoy a day out in that setting than to make a turn at the Pick ‘n Pay Taste of Cape Town Festival.

My mom always told me get a girl that knows how to cook..well I think I’m moving in the right circles then hahaha.

With many different stalls, food for every sensation, I’m no food foondie so do not expect me to remember any resturants names.

Ok maybe it was because we went for the evening slot and the place was turned into a beer fest rather than a food fest what I do remember is I had a Lobster curry at the Camissa Brasserie at The Table Bay Hotel stand this was awesome will definitely recommend this. For dessert I had a macaroon after some lady explained to us the process these things go through, I mean did you know they throw the dish on the floor or something to that effect ahhhh don’t know how true this is but with that explaination I needed to try it. It was pretty good, I won’t have too much though, I do not have a sweet tooth I guess.


Make sure you walk around and taste whatever there is to taste but let me warn you Mild Peri – Peri aint mild at all it burns like hell lol give it a try though :-D.

Did I mention there is a Lindt chocolate section yes Lindt it is almost easter so get a Lindt easter bunny :-D..that chocolate will change yout life yes I do not have a sweet tooth but for that I’d make an exception hmmmmm.

Live entertainment good food and wine..uh mostly craft beers though or maybe that is the stalls we were directed to o yes and for the ladies cocktails was the order of the night. This makes for a great night out excellent company even got a free shot of Absinthe do not recommend this even though we got some random guy to try it hahaha ahhhh fun times.

There is plenty to see, eat and drink,.fun for the whole family, Live music and just a festive vibe you are bound to enjoy yourself maybe even pick up some tips from the many cooking exhibitions on offer too……I mean who wouldn’t want a Taste Of Cape Town πŸ˜€

Do not forget to purchase your Scoins – the currency at the festival – and nope you cannot tip the car gaurds with this πŸ˜€

Enjoy the Festivities


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