Errrrrday is Kday

17 live Bands, One Stage, 18500Β  Smiling faces…. yip this is what 94.5KFM and MTN provided us screaming fans….WOW I had an AWESOME time my first Kday, errrday should be Kday πŸ˜€


– “@MTNza and @945Kfm bringing u the raddest events pages so lets pack #KDay2014 with some happy faces πŸ˜€ #RapBattle”


This was the tweet that allowed me the opportunity to experience this AMAZING day WOW, and I must say from what I saw there were many happy faces and so many beautiful people :-D.

Waking up this morning with no voice is so worth it….if anyone found a voice at Sandringham Farm it is mine please return πŸ˜€


The Parlotones
Prime Circle
Mi Casa
Elvis Blue
Die Heuwels Fantasties
Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels
Jimmy Nevis
Danny K
Lloyd Cele
DJ Kent
Daniel Baron

The stage was set, all SA bands with a line up this big you are bound to have a goodtime…the 5th Kday and Mr Danny K was at all of them yip like one of the Kfm Dj’s said they should rename it Danny KDAY hahaha. My personal favourite was first time Kday performer Jimmy Nevis this guys music is top class had me singing along to all the songs…


“Stay away from roses they will only hurt you…” – True but how can you stay away from them cmon Cape Town has so much beautiful girls ahhhhhhh :-D.

With permission to turn the crowd on especially the ladies I wana tell you something, J Something yip yip Mi Casa they made Kday thier home and we loved it every beat of the drums and sounds of the saxaphone, Live music is the best.


“I say Goodmorning to the world out there, Sanbonani kunjani yeah…..”

Dj Kent 30 minute set felt like I was jumping for days after that,  love the energy of the crowd non stop partying πŸ˜€

Add in some rain for the awesome Rock bands Prime Circle and The Parlotones because we certanly needed to cool down after an amazing colourful day…nope the rain did not stop us from jumping and going crazy πŸ˜€


Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels….need I say more crazy band to end off the day/evening it could go on for days if they did not stop the music.

“I wana know have you ever seen the rain on sunny day….” – yes we did and we loved it πŸ˜€

Thank you KFM and MTN for bringing us this AMAZING day see you next year or wait….

Errrrrrrrrday should be KDAY πŸ˜€


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