Are you Jazz

Who dances in the rain…..yeah thats right its that time of the year again when Cape Town host the 15th International Jazz Festival.

To kick off this awesome festival of soulful Jazz music we are treated to a FREE warm up concert in the iconic greenmarket square. Cape Town people know how to bring the heat, come rain or shine we will shake what our momma’s gave us. The words of our MC for the evening Mr Carl Wastie, “There is no rain when you have Luwayne”, ahhhh this guy is a legend on the Decks getting us pumped up inbetween Live acts  “Wie maak die jol vol, Kaapstad maak die jol vol hoyaaaaaaaaa”


What started off as a cool evening, thinking the weather would play along by the end of the evening we were soaked but that did not stop the festive atmosphere.

Who needs a weekend to party…not Cape Town nope here we do it in the week I call it midweek madness, put Live music and beers flowing together, yip I think we going to get our groove on tonight.


Cape Town came in there numbers and brought thier dancing shoes too, enjoying the performances on offer and not only locals there were many international people jamming it out too.

We were treated to an aray of talent from Crazy White Boy –  Yes baby I can love you better, Open Mic winner Sadé Ross and Tasha’s World all the way from the Netherlands and to end off the wet evening Shakatak who will be performing at the International Jazz Fest this weekend.

Are you feeling warm yet, well I am after that party, wow thank you to the organisers and cheers to another 15 more festivals to come, to the lucky people who  got there tickets to the SOLD OUT festival this weekend I’m sure you will enjoy every minute.


Wake up and live the life you love – Showers of Blessings


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