Casino Royale


That was the motto at the beginning of 2014  and what an awesome adventure this past week has been πŸ˜€

Just an hour and half hours away from Cape Town you’ll find this wonderful island based on the iconic Mykanos islands of Greece. If you driving with me its 2 hours haha all part of the journey I say…


Lush green grass, water splashing against the pillars ahhh the soothing sounds of the ocean as you wake up in the morning, not that I slept much though, yes I love the ocean but can we get a mute button at night please.


Wake up early and take a jog through the streets, just don’t get lost finding your way back, no this did not happen to me I’ve got a built in GPS in my head….NOOOOT.


This is a view before we open the doors to paradise I could realy live like this, life of a Greek God…I mean they give you clean white towels each morning who wouldn’t wana walk around coming out the shower wrapped in just a towel…yeah call me TROY :-D..hahaha


Yes there we go ahhhh we all need a break from reality I mean it is March Madness after all.


Insert a braai area, drinks and a couple of awesome friends and you have the makings of a great holiday – Thank you guys and girls – This is how we do :-D.


Did I mention you can even play Chess outside and ride an Ass…his name is Chester…no relation to the puppet that went Missing.

With a gym, pools, Table Tennis and many other outdoor sporting activities on offer I suggest you visit during the summer months, but winter is fine too hop into the sauna ahhh I could bake in there for hours.


Don’t worry we did not jump on the bed…and no pillow fights but those pillows were abit hard though they could knock someone out cold lol.


Just look at that beautiful sunset, and this is not far away, you don’t need to cross oceans to appreciate true beauty..go out and sieze the day make your dreams happen. Did I mention there is a Casino do you feel lucky punk do you. Please make sure lady luck is on your side and wear a suit because…


…Im watching you….the names Engel, Shaun Engel πŸ˜‰

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