Jou Ma sé Purse

The candles are lit, the drinks are on the table people are streaming in it is almost time for a night of crazy laughter, this is the setting of my first time at Jou Ma sé Comedy Club.

You could feel the nervous energy in the air as we saw the host for the evenings entertainment walk in…..guess who??? Its the crazy Rob van Vuuren even the waiter warned us telling us we brave for sitting infront not that we had a choice in the matter though. Our plan was to not make direct eye contact and laugh at every joke but not to outlandish…ahh we are old comedy lovers we got this :-D. Luckily for us the nerves settled once Rob found his victims for the night…The 3 beautiful ladies in the front, Colleen from PE and Sven ahhh shame this guy had a hard time what a great sport…..and according to Rob the Coloured Shrek in the corner.

First up we had Ismaail Macdonald all the way from USA….getting lost following a robot ending up in a greasy pumphouse :-D…lol the Ashma joke was real funny get the Fire Truck cos this guy brought the heat.

Did you know Koala bears sleep 20 hours a day and for the other 4 hours they having sex… apparently their heads explode if you speak afrikaans to them hahaha Thank you Rob for that lesson, O yes did I mention Sven got Robs Balls in his face o_O….see why we were nervous.

Next up we had Mr Grey, Devin Grey….haha ima Bond fan too but after his joke I don’t think I want to try that pick up line on a girl….I would probably get a baie fokken p#%& vinnige klap o_O.

O yes and we found out the reason for the malaysian airline getting lost….Robs Dog stole it – Bella is such a cat burglar.

Ladies and gentleman put your hands together for the headliner of the night John Vlismis…damn this guy is funny he just doesn’t care who he offends love it, I love SA comedy you can relate to it in so many ways.

Yooooooohhhhhh what an entertaining evening Thank You to all the comedians and yip yip lets give it up to Kurt Schoonraad the owner love the setting and ofcourse love the Comedy.

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