From Rio to CAPE TOWN

Forget what you’ve seen in Rio here in Cape Town we have our own Carnival….for the 5th year Cape Town welcome’s you to its annual….


Are you ready kids……”Aye Aye Captain”…I Can’t hear you “AYE
AYE CAPTAIN”…Ohh… Who lives
in a pineapple under the Sea…


Yeah thats right we got Spongebob to make an appearance…and with this years theme being IMAGINE uh I think we found something that went missing o_O


Bad joke I apologise…but I have no idea why this was in the carnival anyway.

From petrol pumping bikers, skateboarders, bicycles doing donuts, belly dancers….and ofcourse for the ladies Cape Town knows how to bring the heat…


Redbull gives you wings….but nope we got Free Lucozade Energy…run run there is a raging bull on the loose ahhhhhh


This was something cool to see a beetle limo…yeah you heard right IMAGINATION really went wild..


Ahhhh what a beautiful flower..the national flower blossomed in the night sky…


Pity the Proteas couldn’t blossom against the Aussies in the Cricket.

A colourful spectacle well organized event by the City of Cape Town..


..and we did not need to worry about safety as they called in this guy to protect us…


We Love Cape Town…Thank you to everyone involved in organising this event Welldone from….


Miss Cape Town Carnival 2014 😀

O yeah did I mention the theme was IMAGINATION well how about this for those crazy minds of yours….


Carnival under the full moon

Till next year keep on DREAMING 😉

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