Pedal Power

Once again Cape Town hosted the Annual Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour ….hundreds of cyclist from across Cape Town some even from overseas braved the elements today especially the gruelling wind in an attempt to cross the finish line after cycling 109km across the peninsula.


This is probably a massive achievement to accomplish one which I wish to also tick off my  bucket list in the not too distant future….I mean with the staggering increase in the petrol price lately cycling is the way to go right.


Cycling through Chapmans Peak ahhh Cape Town is one beautiful City…


….just look at that view not that any of the cyclist had time to admire this though, all they had on there mind was focusing on crossing that finish line…determination and stamina is the name of the game. Put your MIND to it and you can ACHIEVE anything.

The oldest man to ever complete the Cape Argus was Japie Malan at 92 years old! – WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE? – Myself included.

Even more amazing I think seeing that we celebrated International Womens day in the week…

Mary Warner is the oldest woman to complete the Cape Argus. She was 80 in 2006 – that’s one amazing granny!

Wow pure inspiration right there…


Welldone to these 3 ladies who crossed the finish line first today.


And this was the mens winner…and ofcourse welldone to everyone else who participated you all are WINNERS in your own right.


There is even a section for the little ones to get a little exercise which I think is awesome the key to success is to start young 😀


Thank you Cape Town and all sponsors for another successful Cycle Tour I’m sure everyone who participated enjoyed it thoroughly WELLDONE

Pedal POWER 😉


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