Cape Town welcomes all tattoo lovers to experience art at its best.


In its 6th year im sure it only got bigger and better…this was my first time and I was probably the only person at the expo who was not inked. Everywhere you go you hear the sound of tattoo artists working their magic on willing candidates offering their bodies as a canvas.


Im sure Yolandi Vi$$er would want that tattooed on her back right o_O…I mus say it looks pretty ZEF.

As I browsed through the many files I was amazed at the talent these people have. You must have patience and a steady hand to be able to do this…not only is a mistake costly but it could ruin the whole feel of the tattoo. It is recommended that you do your research on the artist style before actually getting it done.


At the expo you are able to get a tattoo done by any artist of your choice from local to international it is your call…I came across this awesome piece


Just look at the detailing wow.  This was done by a method called Hand-Poking…no electricity so none of the traditional tzzzzzzz sounds, and if you compare it to other tattoo’s you can see the difference. It took 15 hours to complete…..that is why they were selling Red Bull at the expo I guess, be prepared to sit awhile.


Besides getting a tattoo you can admire some works of art and even get up close and personal with venomous snakes. There is a gaming section to unwind and ofcourse live entertainment while you grab a bite to eat and drink.

If I were to get a tattoo I would want something with meaning, maybe something like this….


Scorpio hmmmm but obviously not that big.

Make your way down to the Cape Town City Hall, who knows you might just



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