Just Lose It…Ahhh ahhh AHHH

With the blistering Cape Town heat the crowd gathered at the Cape Town Stadium for their one opportunity, one shot to be a part of this one and only RAPTURE2014 tour.



Yes ofcourse we are, come on this is the lyrical genius Eminem we talking about he gets nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready….there is talk about Pharrel being immortal haaa this guy is 40 and he is still getting crowds to lose there minds – young and old.


Een ding onse eie Jack Parrow straight outta Bellville, Parow Cape Town hy is fokken cool maar hy dink hy is cooler as ekke…ok hy is ek mien ma die man het geopen vir Eminem – give credit where it is due – Proudly South African 😀

Next we got Action Bronson…at first I thought this was one of the Wyatt Brothers of the WWE – I mean he started walking through the crowd, talk about taking your name seriously – Golden Circle got some real ACTION during his set :-D.

Ofcourse inbetween we had our very own master of the wheels of steel, drift koppenossie Hip Hop king Mr Ready big D spinning the hip hop beats getting us pumped up.

21:00 – 26/02/2014  crowd goes wild it is the moment we’ve all been waiting for…


some of us longer then others hahaha anyways….the curtians fall and the EMINEM show begins…


With a mixture of new and old it was 1:30 hours of intensity, mad energy throughout the stadium Eminem really is one of a kind – Amazing performance all round. Words cant explain how crazy it was screaming and shouting to every song, waving lighters and hands in the air. We even got some flashers ahhhh what is a concert without abit of Boobies :-D…Gotta love CAPE TOWN – SOUTH AFRICA.

Wont Bow Down
3 a.m.
Square Dance
Kill You
White America
Rap God
No Love
Just Don’t Give A F*ck
The Way I Am
Fast Lane
Love The Way You Lie
Sing For The Moment
Like Toy Soldiers
Til I Collapse
Cinderella Man
The Monster
My Name Is
The Real Slim Shady
Without Me
Not Afraid
Encore: Lose Yourself


You only have One Shot, One Opportunity, would you capture it?….if you missed out tonight you let it slip.


Rapture 2014.

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