Nitro Circus LIVE

Cape Town put your hands in the air and blow the whistle….


…the Nitro Circus Train is on its way TOOT TOOT

20 000 fans packed the Cape Town Stadium for what was expected to be the Greatest Action Sports Show in the World. The first time in South Africa – The legendary Travis Pastrana, The man with 199 lives with shows all over the world, this was what I expected and more it blew my mind, the insane tricks these guys did to wow and amaze the screaming crowd was epic.

From the opening jump to the last I was on the edge of my seat filled with adrenaline, I think they were pumping Red Bull fumes in the air 😀


That is the view from the 50 foot Giganta – Ramp and what insane stunts were pulled off from this ramp is indescribable….check this out


Ahhhhhhhh there she goes, wait is that Barbie o_O…hahaha


Just look at that huge air, if you think that is amazing, we saw a guy go down the ramp in a bathtub and even a wheelbarrow damn…forget Jackass watch NITRO CIRCUS LIVE :-D.

My mind was going crazy I didn’t know where to look, at one point they did the NITRO BOMB everyone doing backflips at the same time..FLIPPING amazing I tell you.


From Bmx bikes, scooters, skateboards, FMX riders, snowboards, ski jumps, inline skating, crazy contraptions on wheels, tricycles….even this…


..front flips, backflips, spinneroonies everything crazy, this was one mindblowing experience I will never forget….I mean have you ever seen someone do a TRIPLE BACKFLIP on a BMX o_O.


Look mom no hands…what are you nuts o_O…I loved the competition between Team USA and Team SA ofcourse with the crowd as the judge we had to back our country – you gotta love Cape Town 😀

The crowd participation and atmosphere was amazing I cant imagine how those two people must feel after doing a Backflip with one of the professionals FLIPPING awesome.


This guy is a legend the epitome of the saying do not let your disability stop you from achieving greatness or your dreams….anything you put your mind to you can achieve..even a frontflip in a wheelchair – True Champion and inspiration. Welldone

Did I mention I got  to experience this for free…nevermind the month of Love this is the Month of Freebies wow


I even got my ticket signed by this guy….


Thank you Big Concerts, Computicket, Red Bull and Siraaj for the ticket and for bringing this amazing show to  South Africa, Cape Town

Thank you Nitro Circus Live you guys are one crazy team with amazing talent no clowning around in this circus o_O


Boom Boom Pow – till next time Rock On.


1 thought on “Nitro Circus LIVE

  1. Posh

    wow mate I sure wish i was there but I got the picture after reading this article…I was epic for sho….next time take me with lol


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