And now Hunters Extreme Energy presents….


If you love high flying  adrenaline pumping action this past weekend was just for you, from Skateboaring, Bmx, Wakeboarding to FMX.


This was the setting of an intense skateboarding competition the contestants were putting everything on the line to win a share of the prize money. One rider even showed us what he ate for lunch as the heat got to much for him.


The BMX competition was insane. That dude doing the free riding tricks was crazy, I got drunk from watching him doing all those spinning o_O. I loved the best trick part of the competition, the riders really brought there A-game, this years competition
was too close.


Just look at that huge hangtime this guy is getting, how do you do a Backflip on a Bmx that is insane wow.


Don’t WAKE me up I do not want this to end, I think the wakeboarding competition was the best to do on such a hot day.


…Thank you Kfm for giving away free sunscreen it was much needed.


Lastly we had the FMX riders damn these guys are MAD if you don’t believe in superheroes check out this real-life Superman.


No hands….are you crazy o_O – Now that is what I call heart pumping death defying action.


Is it a bird, a plane….nope its a flying GoPro camera capturing the action from the air because  aerial shots are more intense.


Forget what you’ve seen in the X Games…in Cape Town we take it to an EXTREME new level even the hairstyles were out of this world…where have you seen a green Mohawk…yes u read right it was green :-D..how cool is that hahaha

Thank you Hunters Extreme for the free tickets


We had a blast pity I didn’t catch that skateboard that was thrown into the crowd…yip thats how crazy these ppl are, at one point I thought they were going to throw a GO PRO camera…hahaha….im sure our resident camera man Brendon “The Biff” Pearce could do with one..just look at his pictures…..



http:// m.capetownmagazine.com/ultimate-x


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