The Black Star has Fallen


This was the setting for the CHAN 2014 finals set to be played at Cape Town Stadium South Africa – I was on the fence for this game because Bafana was not playing in the final so I was rooting for Libya.

This was a true underdog setting with Ghana having won the Championship before and clearly the favourite to take the trophy.


With the national anthems out of the way we were ready for kick off.

With +-17000 fans filling the stadium I was suprised at the electric atmosphere especially the libyian fans and we in South Africa so who represents, CHIEFS aka AMAKHOSI for life ofcourse :-D….love the fans they make watching live games exciting.


Because we did not know any of the players by name we were screaming for our favourites by number…Number 8 of Libya was one of them, he was a general in the midfield controlling the game, putting in one of those match winning performances.

Another player who impressed was from Ghana number 21 unfortunately we had to wait 120 mins for any goals but what an exciting match it was especially when it went into extra time. Both teams had good chances to finish the game off but I am glad that it went to penalties.

One thing I like about Cape Town Stadium is that you get to sit right by the commentaters if you LUCKY – (won free tickets :-D)….


…..these commentaters are crazy I mean talking for 90 mins non stop…and then the game still went into extra time o_O hahaha but its for our entertainment right. LADUUUUUMAAAA.

Half time saw balloons bieng released into the air with messages inside and the crowd breaking into the South African National Anthem….Sport really can help build a Nation.

There were people taking pictures and signatures with the Nigerian team who came 3rd, especially the coach I mean the man is coach of the year after all…but come on people they knocked Bafana out of the tournament HAIBO :-D.

The penalties was a highlight when the crowd started getting behind Ghana, but like I said I was rooting for Libya so the chant was “GHANA”…..”LIBYA”…”GHANA”….”LIBYA” – it was intense with Ghana coming back from 3-0 on penalties to make it 3-3…unfortunately this was not enough and the black star fell..but not without controversy ofcourse lol, the referee got confused with the amount of penalties taken when Libya clearly won 4-3. Lets call that the Moemish of the week :-D.

Overall I think the tournament was handled in a good way all host cities playing there part well – only point though is that it could have been marketed better in order to fill the stadiums…but with the minister of sport calling Bafana losers we can’t blame the fans hahahaha

For 2014 though LIBYA are Winners  – WELLDONE.


CHAN2014 – South Africa

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