A Walk Down Memory Lane

Back to School, Back to reality….

Remember your first day at school? I remember it like it was yesterday. The khaki shorts, long grey socks and shiny BATA toughies, ready to take that first step to 12 years of schooling. Looking back I realize those were the best 12 years of my life.  Whether you a nerd or a jock the point is School is Cool :-D,


AIM HIGH is the motto of my primary school: St Johns RC primary school, the foundation was laid for big things to come, strong friendships were made some of them lasting to this day. Acedemic excellence was expected and this I took with me to high school and tertiary level. I believe we should not only acknowledge the Matriculants but also the students leaving primary school as this  determines your future. Build your schooling on a strong foundation and you will go far in life. “Knowledge is Power”


WE STRIVE this is the motto at my High School: Kensington High

Here I have the best memories from the soccer games during interval, The market day chaos, The class teasing teachers, from Othello to Skilpoppe, ahhhhh the memories are endless :-D, I’m sure you are thinking of your own while reading this. The Athletics was a highlight too, feeling the crowd behind you as you take to the track. I only did this once in my matric year, running the 400m, nervous as hell but did it for the madness…..unfortunatly I was not my schools WP hahaha. 😀

I say enjoy school make the most of every opportunity that comes your way….once you are out of school you will wish you were back in those desks where memories are made.


Class of 2014 – If it is the beginning or your last year remember to always make yourselves proud.


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