Blou Ballas


Situated just before Sir Lowry’s Pass is this huge dam where extreme watersport enthusiast gather for a day of BIG splashes.

From as little as R40 you are able to enjoy a day filled with tons of fun, so gather a crowd and make your way to Blue Rock….there are just a couple of rules though:

1. No beverages allowed – please purchase inside.

2. One must be able to swim – So please bring friends hahaha see what I did there 😀


Once inside find a shaded area (for an extra fee), or bring your own umbrella as the summer sun in Cape Town is harsh. Do not forget the sunscreen.

Ok we set, lets check out this huge cliff they all talking about jumping off….


….remember do not do anything you do not want to do…


…say what…I’m doing this…AHHHHH free as a bird feeling the wind in her hair. What a rush.


Ok it’s the boys turn….o good she made it down safely :-D..hmmm I think I should hit the gym for days like this o_O…but for now let me face my fears and do this.


MUMMY AHHHHH when do I reach da bottom help me….


….No man lemme show you how its done YEAH BUDDY :-D.

Hmmmm 6-7 feet jump into sparkling suprisingly warm water…wait WARM water damn must be the fear of jumping hahaha if you know what I mean o_O.


After facing your fears you can enjoy a game of 30 seconds or if you like us bring dominoes nothing gets you more concentrated than an adreneline rush :-D.


I paid 40 bucks I need my  money’s worth lets get in the water ahhhhh lovely relaxing 😀

Blue Rock is an awesome place to spend the day filled with many activities from Paintballing, Volleyball, Cliff Jumping, a Fufi slide into the water or what most people come for, the Cable Wakeboarding Course…if you are a beginner be prepared to feel the full brunt of water hahaha but do not let that scare you go for it, it is Fun.

For more info on this amazing place and the price list checkout the website.

O ya one more thing when jumping off the cliff try and land with your legs close together otherwise you will get

BLOU BALLAS – hahahahaha


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