“Wat sal Tolla sé”


Die Dam a family resort full of fun, laughter and most of all precious time spent with family and friends.

This is the setting of a yearly trek of families from Elim and Cape Town to enjoy the summer sun away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Enjoy the simple things in life, “gooi ‘n vissie oppie kole” and converse in the stories of old around a leka campfire. Yip ofcourse die Brannewyn en Coke staan nie agter nie….onthou net hy hettie briekke nie.

Met eish ya Met eish….nee wag net een blokkie vir jou o pel eis is skaars en drink gou ons deel daai glas :-D…hahaha ahhh the joys of Die Dam.

Take me back to a place where I can leave my worries behind and watch the sunrise – This is some of the qoutes you’ll hear when speaking to regular campers, and I must say a beautiful sunrise it is indeed.


‘PrideRock’, ‘No Mans Land’ and ‘MoonRock to name but a few of the iconic locations where u can relax, chill, take a dip in the ocean or just laze and tan on the beach listening to the breaking of the waves.

2 weeks of pure bliss…..ok not really after a camp at Die Dam I think you will need another week to recover….manne dit was ‘n harde jaar nou drink ons..gooi hom pappie :-D.

They say life is not all fun and games….they lied, on Die Dam everyday is filled with fun and games from “Touchies” tournament..en ek praat van rugby ne as julle wil touchies speel doen daai innie aande – if you know what I mean, to a Trip with the kids to sleepover at the Sand Dunes. For the food  connoisseurs there is even a PotjieKos competition I mean wat is ‘Maak ‘n las’  sonder ‘n leka potjie :-D.


Well it was good while it lasted so back to the grindstone until next year – Go well my friends and family till we meet again….on the sandy beaches of



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